Electrophotonique technology enables bioluminescence to be studied from a body submerged in a specific electromagnetic field.

Because of the nature of spectrums detected by the Corona Effect, this process is an excellent way to detect the potential energy/vitality of a living or inanimate body, identifying its own energetic signature.

Electrophotonique technology enables measurement of a system 's entropy and to visualise the effect of specific information on it. This experiment can be done as often as necessary in similar conditions.


Electrophotonique Ingénierie uses an exclusive picture caption process (See schema below).

Put the object on the electrode.


An electromagnetic field is generated, then the Corona Effect itself. The Corona Effect is recorded by a special scientific camera, then transmited to be analysed by a computer.

The optimum quality of the device and the results depend on several factors :

  • the high stability of the field generator developped by Electrophotonique Ingénierie.This field generator provides the most precise information ever offered by this type of technology.
  • the unique qualities of the electrode, exclusively manufactured for our company.
  • the capture tools : Fujinon High Resolution Lenses/Hamamatsu scientific camera.



Innovative updates on Electrophotonique Ingénierie scientific tools unveil a unique range of analytic investigations about the Corona Effect.

New and unique information is now detected and identified by these products, in the
healthcare and biotechnology fields of research, and is not restrictive.

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If you plan to initialise a research program based on Electrophonique Ingénierie technology, please contact us. We'll put together a detailed protocol.

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