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Publications et communications



Keywords: Lyme desease, clinical (diagnostics), Optical, Work in Progress.



Lyme disease is a bacterial infectious disease transmitted mainly by hard tick bite, Ixodes type. It is usually described by an evolution in three stages. The latter, known as the tertiary phase, can lead to severe neurological complications, chronic arthro-muscular disorders and pathognomonic skin disease, chronic atrophic acrodermatitis. Very often, patients, in the primary and secondary stages of this disease, exhibit the persistence of polymorphic symptoms, despite an antibiotic treatment considered suitable.

In this context, we launched an observational biomedical study with 400 infected patients or strongly suspected of chronic borreliosis and / or other tick borne diseases.



"New applications of corona discharges for photonics characterization of inert or living matter"


Keywords: clinical (diagnostics), Optical, Work in Progress.



Water is everywhere in nature, requiring new imaging techniques for visualization of information storage or transfer in liquids or hydrated solids. Corona discharges created by exciting matter in the UV spectrum is a mean to measure in a reproducible way « bio-compatibility » between a living body and any chemical substance. In medicine, a better match between drugs andreceiving bodies is expected. Through its coherence domains, we demonstrate that water is highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields and micro-currents in well-defined frequency ranges. Reproducible exchange of information, through a quartz support, between water and informed ceramics materials will also be presented.


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